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There's value in good writing.

As well as writing novels, I am also a ghostwriter, developmental editor, podcaster and speaker, and a creative writing and presentation & promotion coach, working under the banner of CarolineLeechWrites... 


So are you are already a writer? Or are you not sure even where to begin? Either way, if you have a story that you are desperate to share, then let me help you. Whatever stage you are at in your story-telling journey—just an idea, starting to write, finished a manuscript or already a best-selling author—I have the knowledge and experience to help you along your way. Or if you're ready to face the world, launch your book or present in public, I can help with that too. I work in fiction and creative non-fiction, so, please, get in touch so we can talk through your needs and what I can do to assist you. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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